Carmel, NY… Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell released the following statement in response to Maureen Fleming’s latest attack:
“Maureen Fleming’s latest false attack is the sign of a desperate campaign and one that is on its last breath.  After lying about not raising taxes as the Supervisor of the highest taxed town in Putnam County, she’s now engaged in a smear campaign designed to mislead voters and attack my integrity.  I have never engaged in pay-to-play and Maureen Fleming should be ashamed for even insinuating it.
Here are the facts: Motorola has been a county vendor for over twenty years, long before I became County Executive.  Furthermore, I have never requested any action to be taken by the legislature on behalf of Motorola.  And finally, any business before the legislature is just that, business before the legislature and has nothing to do with my office or my campaign.
On the day that I congratulated Maureen for entering the race for County Executive, we shook hands and pledged to run a clean campaign, based on the issues that were important to Putnam County and our proposed solutions.  I have run a campaign based on my record of accomplishments, meeting both our fiscal and social responsibilities.  I have honored my pledge, unfortunately, my opponent has not.
Throughout this campaign, Maureen has been devoid of ideas or solutions to address any of the issues that affect Putnam County, rather she has spoken in generalities, platitudes and insults.  My opponent should have spent more time focused on how to lower her taxes, reduce the increase in crime in her own town, or how to fix her crumbling infrastructure and invest in Economic Development.
Maureen can spend the remainder of her campaign attacking me, I, however, will continue to stand on my record of a fiscally responsible government that continues to grow our economy  supports our seniors, honors our veterans, protects our children and invests in our parks and infrastructure.”