Dear Family, Friend and Neighbor

Dear family, friend and neighbor,

I am writing to ask you to please do me a favor: On Election Day, Tuesday, November 4th, I am voting for MaryEllen Odell for Putnam County Executive and ask that you please join me.

MaryEllen Odell has my vote because she:

Preserved Putnam’s high Aa2 Moody’s bond rating: By Moody’s finding that Putnam has “satisfactory financial reserves following consecutive operating surpluses,” it will allow the county to secure low interest rates which will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest costs over the life of the bond issue.

Continues to uphold the 2% tax cap while fighting Albany mandates: Since MaryEllen Odell took office, Putnam County has kept its budgets within the tax cap, despite the increase in mandated expenses and lack of relief from Albany. She has found ways to consolidate county departments, share services with other local municipalities, and enter into public-private partnerships so that quality of life services around the county could be maintained or expanded at a lower cost.

Creates economic opportunities for Main Street through public-private partnerships: Entering into a public-private partnership at Putnam Golf Course has completely transformed the once financially draining property into an economic engine for the county. Putnam has teamed up with Mercy College to offer a Master’s degree program in organizational leadership focused on emergency management and security. It has also partnered with Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES to offer skills training for its building and trades high school students and will soon be offering BOCES courses at Tilly Foster Farm.

Protects the Second Amendment for citizens: MaryEllen Odell has been an advocate for our first responders and the second amendment. She has increased the number of law enforcement officers on the streets, giving them the right resources to keep us safe and making sure that citizens have not only a right to bear arms, but a right to do so in privacy.

She took a stand with County Clerk Dennis Sant when the Journal News wanted to FOIL the names of the county guns owners and has been an opponent of the NYS SAFE Act. Putnam County is a county made up of veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency service workers. These men and women are willing to risk their lives day after day in Putnam, the surrounding counties and in New York City. MaryEllen Odell understands that they deserve to not only have the right to carry a gun, but the right to do so without it being public knowledge.

Established the One Army on the War on Addiction: The heroin epidemic has made its mark on Putnam County, especially here in Mahopac. It has affected families, neighbors and communities. MaryEllen Odell has announced the One Army on the War on Addiction, which will focus on education and awareness in partnership with law enforcement to combat the addiction epidemic. It brings the county together with law enforcement and nonprofits organizations such as Drugs in Our Backyard and Putnam Family and Community Services.

I hope you will join me in voting for MaryEllen Odell for Putnam County Executive on Tuesday.

Warm regards,

<Your Name>