Members of the Putnam County Conservative Party voted last night to endorse County Executive MaryEllen Odell as their candidate as she runs for reelection in November. Odell, who was elected to fill a three-year term in November of 2011, is seeking to win her first full, 4-year term as county leader.

“I am most grateful to the Conservative Party membership for supporting me and giving me their endorsement,” said Odell who has enjoyed a long-term working relationship with Conservative Party Chairman James Maxwell.

“Who better to lead Putnam County than MaryEllen Odell?” said Maxwell. “She has proven herself entirely capable of running the county in these past three years. Putnam is moving forward and will continue to do so with MaryEllen as our county executive.”

Odell has also received the endorsement of the Putnam County Republican Party. With the recent announcement by Sen. Greg Ball(R-Patterson) that he will not be running for any elected position next year, Odell faces only Democratic Legislator Sam Oliverio, Jr. in the fall race.