PUTNAM COUNTY, N.Y. – The Putnam County Republican Committee named MaryEllen Odell as its endorsed candidate for county executive after unanimously voting on it at the GOP convention held at Putnam County Golf Course on Tuesday, April 8.

“It’s clear as a result of the overwhelming support MaryEllen Odell received at the convention that she is the best person to hold the position of Putnam County Executive,” said Putnam County GOP Chairman Jim DeBella. “Her dedication to public service and the residents of Putnam County is incredible and unmatched.”

Odell is finishing her first term, of an abbreviated three years, after winning a special election in 2011. She took office on Veterans Day in November 2011 and has spearheaded the county’s efforts to move forward efficiently, effectively and economically.

“I supported MaryEllen Odell 4 years ago. I supported her 3 years ago and I fully support her now,” said Tony Scannapeico, chairman of the Town of Carmel Republican Committee. “She is doing an excellent job. It is easy for naysayers to throw bombs, especially those who have not accomplished anything, but I have dealt with the county executives of the past 20 years. County Executive MaryEllen Odell has done more for the county than any other.”

Joe DeMarzo of Mahopac brought Odell’s name to the nominating floor. He spoke about her being a hometown girl who grew up in Carmel and raised her family there. She was a small business owner who saw a need in the community and started a not-for-profit organization to solve the problem without any government assistance. Then she became a legislator, where she led the charge for consolidation and the use of shared services. Now she is our county executive.

“Since being elected in 2011, MaryEllen Odell has shown the three qualities it takes to be county executive: leadership, courage and vision,” DeMarzo said. “She has kept taxes down while either expanding or improving services. This was accomplished by listening to our residents than actually meeting their needs. Based on MaryEllen Odell”s leadership and vision the future looks bright for Putnam County.”

After being named the endorsed GOP candidate for county executive, Odell expressed her gratitude and her optimism for the future.

“I thank my fellow Republicans for unanimously voting to have me represent the Grand Ole Party in this November’s general election,” said Odell. “Thank you for recognizing the opportunity we have to continue moving Putnam County forward. Look at what my administration has been able to accomplish in only two and a half years. Can you imagine what we can actually get done in another four?”

She continued. “Putnam County is in the ‘prime time.’ Other counties are looking at how we are able to keep under the tax cap and under budget while keeping the quality of services offered and not having to incorporate layoffs. We are the only county in the surrounding area that has maintained its Aa2 bond rating. My administration is made of an incredible team that will continue to work with the business community as well as local municipalities to find even more opportunities for public-private partnerships and shared service possibilities. We will continue to work with the seniors and veterans to ensure that those who came before us and those who made a sacrifice for us are taken care and protected.”