MEO Veterans day invitationSpend Veterans Day with MaryEllen Odell, an ardent advocate of
those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

“It is our duty as Americans to care for our Veterans and honor their sacrifices.”
– MaryEllen Odell, Putnam County Executive

You are invited to celebrate the fifth anniversary
of the inauguration of Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell
on Veterans Day, Friday,  November, 11. 3 p.m.

Dish Bistro & Wine Bar
947 S Lake Blvd, Mahopac, NY 10541
$50 per person
Lite fare, beer and wine

RSVP online at or by calling 845-661-3002
Checks made payable to the Committee to Elect MaryEllen Odell.

Sponsorships Available

Battle of Yorktown                                        $1,000 10 tickets
American Revolution, 1781
The Battle of Yorktown was the climax of the American Revolution and directly led to the independence of the United States of America. While others may have been larger and more dramatic, no battle in history has been more influential. From the days following their victory at Yorktown, Americans have steadily gained power and influence up to their present role as the world’s most prosperous nation and the only military superpower.

Battle of Stalingrad                                          $500  5 tickets
World War II, 1942-43
Stalingrad was the last great offensive by the German Nazis on the Eastern Front. Their defeat in the city on the Volga River marked the beginning of a long series of battles that would lead the Russians to Berlin and Hitter’s Third Reich to defeat. The Battle of Stalingrad resulted in the death or capture of more than a quarter million German soldiers, and denied the rich Caucasus oil fields to the Nazis.

Invasion of Normandy “D- Day” WWII        $250.00 2 tickets
WW II June 6, 1944
The invasion of Normandy was the largest air, land, and sea invasion in history.  The landing included over 5, 00 ships, 11,000 airplanes, and over 150,000 service men.  The Allied Forces suffered nearly 10,000 casualties more than 4,000 dead.  This was the end of Hiltlers dream of Nazi domination.

I am unable to attend, would like to purchase a ticket for a Veteran $50.00

Checks made payable to the Committee to Elect MaryEllen Odell