“Leadership” highlights Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell’s strong executive leadership and service to our community

CARMEL, New York— County Executive MaryEllen Odell’s campaign released its
second web ad, continuing on their theme of strong leadership and community

County Executive MaryEllen Odell leads the video, discussing her approach to
governing our county and serving the people who make Putnam County great. Odell
opens the video by discussing the improvements made to the office, citing the
contributions of Director of Tourism Libby Pataki and Meghan Taylor of the
Economic Development Corporation Office as integral to the development of the
County’s reputation as an open, business-friendly County.

She continues by discussing her administration’s drive to ensure that quality
programs are delivered to residents in an manner that meets efficiencies and
standards while staying under the property tax cap. Odell’s administration is
dedicated to promoting small business and providing entrepreneurs with the
resources they need to grow the local economy, which she discusses during the
“Main Street” segment of her video.

In Putnam County, 2014 will be the Year of the Senior. Odell continues the video by
discussing the contributions that the seniors make to Putnam County and
highlighting the successful programs that the county has implemented to improve
the quality of life enjoyed by our senior citizens. Some of those include the county’s
friendship centers and its nutrition programs.

Putnam County is truly a patriotic county – there is nothing that Putnam will not do
for its veterans, many of whom continue to serve their community. Under Odell’s
leadership, Putnam County was granted the honor of becoming be the first Purple
Heart County in New York State.

Odell continues by taking viewers through the transformation of the Putnam County
Golf Course, declaring the golf course and its beautifully renovated clubhouse to be
“Open for Business.”

As an advocate for 2nd Amendment rights, Odell championed the right to privacy,
working with County Clerk Dennis Sant to ensure that information about Putnam
County residents who own firearms was not publicly released at the call of special
interests, stating she “will not play that game.”

Odell takes her private sector work ethic and experience to the County Executive’s
office every day, working for the taxpayers and meeting the challenges of making
responsible budgets, understanding when the right decisions are not always the
easiest decisions.

County Executive MaryEllen Odell closes the video by reflecting on her promises
made and promises kept to the taxpayers of Putnam County by providing strong
executive leadership, meeting the tax cap and making them feel more confident
about their county government.