Standing in front of a vacant office complex which was set to house Tartus Global Relations’ 250 jobs, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell today endorsed Yorktown Councilman Dr. Terrence Murphy for New York’s 40th Senate District.

Said Odell, “This race is crucial for the future of the 40th district and indeed for the future of the Hudson Valley. Dr. Terrence Murphy represents the common sense, traditional values we all hold dearly in Putnam County. He has a stellar record of cutting taxes, job creation and being an advocate for children.”

Odell continued, “Putnam County needs a partner in Albany who has the experience of creating jobs.  This building is just another reminder that New York stands as the least friendly state in the nation to do business in.  Just ask Tartus Global who now sits a few miles across the border in Connecticut.  Terrence will fight for Putnam County’s middle class families by making New York a destination for good paying jobs.”

Dr. Murphy expressed his gratitude, “County Executive Odell’s endorsement means the world to us. She has proven to be an exemplary leader who stands up for Putnam County’s families on a daily basis.”

Dr. Murphy continued, “New York is at a pivotal crossroads.  Our neighbors are fighting every day to put food on their table and keep a roof over their heads.  I am committed to working with MaryEllen to create an opportunity for everyone to succeed.  I thank her for her support and look forward to our work together on behalf of the hardworking residents of Putnam County.