The polls are open and ballots are being cast. Please make sure you take the time to vote today. Do not take our success for granted and assume your vote will not make a difference. It does. We have had many races in Putnam’s past that come down to a handful of votes and even one that ended in a tie.

I am also asking that you join me in supporting the rest of the Republican ticket. I fully throw my support behind Dr. Nan Hayworth for Congress, Rob Astorino for Governor, Dr. Terrence Murphy and Sue Serino for State Senate and Dr. Steve Katz for State Assembly. We also need to cast our ballots for Robert Antonaccio for State Comptroller, John Cahill for Attorney General and Montgomery Delaney for the Supreme Court.

Vote Republican

We need to vote Row B today in our local races also. Help us elect Bill Gouldman, Toni Addonizio and Dini LoBue to the Putnam County Legislature; Michael Bartolotti for County Clerk and Dr. Michael Nesheiwat and Dr. John Bourges for County Coroner.  Vote to elect Anthony Mole as Town Justice in Patterson and Shawn Rogan as Patterson Town Councilman.

While filling out your ballot today, make sure to turn it over and fill out page 2. Everyone has three propositions to consider and in the Town of Kent there is a fourth proposition that pertains to term limits.


I thank you for all of your support throughout my campaign. We are almost to the finished line and I know that you will help us carry through until the end.