CARMEL, N.Y. – Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and County Clerk Michael Bartolotti have been committed to improving the access residents on the western side of the county have to government services such as routine Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) transactions. After working with County Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra, Philipstown Town Clerk Tina Merando and Philipstown Highway Superintendent Roger Chirico on logistics, Odell and Bartolotti are pleased to announce the installation of a DMV drop box at the Philipstown Town Hall, 238 Main Street, Cold Spring, N.Y.

“It has been one of the priorities of this administration to expand the number of county services that are easily available to residents in Philipstown, Cold Spring and Nelsonville,” County Executive Odell said. “I am so delighted that residents on the western side of the county will no longer have to travel far to complete some general DMV matters. I appreciate all the effort that County Clerk Michael Bartolotti, Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra, Philipstown Town Clerk Tina Merando and Philipstown Highway Superintendent Roger Chirico put forth to make this a reality. This is the beginning of good things for Western Putnam.”

The DMV drop box will provide 24-hour service for license renewals accompanied by a valid eye test within the past six months, registration renewals and license plates surrenders with a $1.00 transaction fee.

County Clerk Bartolotti reminds patrons that renewing locally helps support Putnam by keeping the revenues in County and not sending them to the State.  “We use these revenues to not only cover the cost of our local DMV, but to also help keep your County property taxes low,” he said. “If you renew by mail or online, those revenues are lost to Albany. We, at Putnam County DMV, are ready, willing and able to service all of your DMV needs.”

Legislator Scuccimarra is thrilled that the Drop Box has been installed in Cold Spring. “When I am talking with people from my district (Philipstown, Cold Spring, Nelsonville and a portion Putnam Valley) they tell me how much they want convenient access to government services,” she said. “I worked hard to make sure the Cold Spring Post Office would remain in the village and now we can DMV services. I look forward to working with my colleagues to find other ways to better serve the Western Putnam residents.”

“I think that being able to do these easy DMV transactions locally is a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Philipstown,” said Town Clerk Merando.

Highway Superintendent Roger Chirico agreed. “I have been sharing services with Putnam County for years,” he said. “Partnering with Putnam with the DMV drop box is a win-win for the County, for Town of Philipstown and for the residents.”

If this DMV drop box initiative proves successful, DMV drop boxes with 24-hour service will be installed at other convenient locations throughout Putnam County.

“We, the residents of Putnam County, can do something to keep revenues and tax dollars here in Putnam County,” Bartolotti said. “SHOP LOCALLY and RENEW PUTNAM.”

For further information, call the Office of the Putnam County Clerk at 845-808-1142 ext. 49301.


Photo caption: (from left to right) Putnam County Clerk Michael Bartolotti, Philipstown Town Clerk Tina Merando, County Legislator Barbara Scuccimarra and Philipstown High Superintendent Roger Chirico unveiled the new Putnam DMV drop box, which is located at Philipstown Town Hall in Cold Spring on Monday, Oct. 19.